Bookmarking the Horror

Over the last week every EPOCH PDF product has been revised to include electronic bookmarks, to make it easier to browse through scenarios and rules on tablets and mobile devices.  You should be able to download the new version by going into your DriveThruRPG or RPGNow account and visiting the 'Updated Products' page.

As part of this process we also uncovered a system glitch (which OneBookshelf rapidly fixed) that meant that updated editions of the EPOCH core rules were not being made available to customers who had already purchased them, so if you downloaded the EPOCH core rules soon after they were released (October 2012 - March 2013) then you definitely need to download, and check out, the revised edition!

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Imaginary Empire releases Wicked Lies & Alibis, a whodunit roleplaying game set in the age of Art Deco.

Wicked Lies & Alibis uses simple card-based mechanics to recreate murder mystery stories in the finest tradition of the golden-age of detective fiction.

Innovative character creation and structured opening scenes support players to generate a cast of complex characters who all have a motive to kill the victim. The remainder of the game is played as a series of flashback rounds where each player, in turn, assumes a
degree of narrative control to frame a flashback which incriminates another character.

The Game Master has a dual role, both as facilitator of scenes, and as the Great Detective, a Non-Player Character summoned to solve the murder, who summarises the evidence revealed by the characters, and reveals the motives of the characters one-by-one before finally disclosing the identity of the murderer.

Wicked Lies & Alibis includes all the cards needed to play, detailed facilitation notes to support the GM in running the game, details about the era of Art Deco to add to the realism of the setting, and nine murder mysteries along with suggestions for the Great Detectives who might solve the case.

Wicked Lies & Alibis is available from DriveThruRPG and RPGNow in PDF and print.  A high-quality printed card deck is also available, bundled with the PDF. 

Imaginary Empire publishes the multi-ENnie award nominated EPOCH survival horror roleplaying game.

Imaginary Empire is a member of the Game Publishers Guild, a strategic alliance of publishers committed to driving excellence in their products through cooperation and collaboration.

The Experiment Continues Now Available In Print

The Print-on-Demand edition the EPOCH companion The Experiment Continues is now available.  You can now add this handsome 144 page 6"x9" volume to your bookshelf!

GM's Day Sale

This GM's day, give your GM the gift of freedom. It can be hard to GM survival horror games - if you want to create meaningful tension for the players then you ultimately have to be prepared to eliminate one or more of the characters.  But deciding which character is eliminated, and how, can be stressful. 

EPOCH lifts that load from the GM - characters will be eliminated during the game, but which character, and how is a result of collective decision making.

To celebrate GM's day, all EPOCH PDF products are
discounted by 30% for the next week. 

The Game Masters Memorial Fund

Imaginary Empire is supporting The Game Masters Memorial Fund, so if you'd like to pick up War Stories, Shadows of Yesterday and many other fine products in support of this great cause, donate here.

"Recently, fellow gamer, game master, and game designer Christopher J.N. Banks incurred the greatest loss that a parent should never have to experience - the loss of his 5 1/2 year old daughter, an only child. This charity drive is to raise funds to cover medical expenses and put together a proper tribute for his little Persephonee.

You can read about her story here:"

A Good Start

Happy New Year!  To get things off to a good start the proceeds (thus far) from White Wedding, the one-off scenario of Christmas-themed survival horror, have been donated to UNICEF to help children in need.  Thanks to your generosity, we've been able to fund a literacy pack which provides books and stationary and a complete set of 500 pencils for a school.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed thus far! Further donations will allow more contributions to children in need.

Imaginary Empire Joins Game Publishers' Guild

Imaginary Empire, the publisher of EPOCH, has teamed-up with six other independent tabletop RPG publishers to form a strategic alliance called the Game Publishers’ Guild to extend our reach into the industry.

The Game Publishers’ Guild (the Guild) has officially been chartered by founding publishers Arcanum Syndicate, Cakebread & Walton, DramaScape, Imaginary Empire, Mystical Throne Entertainment, Rogue Games and Scrying Eye Games.

The Game Publishers’ Guild aims to increase industry awareness for all its members, define a level of product quality for participating publishers, allow members to work cooperatively on projects, keep an open line of communication between members, and form strategic partnerships for key functions.

All members of the Guild have products available on DriveThruRPG and RPGNow:
Arcanum Syndicate 
Cakebread & Walton
Imaginary Empire
Mystical Throne Entertainment
Rogue Games
Scrying Eye Games

Look for product bundles including our products combined with other members of the Guild starting in 2015!

Print-on-Demand Card Deck Released for The Experiment Continues

Imaginary Empire releases a complete print-on-demand card deck for the EPOCH: The Experiment Continues.  This 78-card deck is full colour, double sided and features eye-catching original art. 

The deck includes:
  • 8 Character Twist Cards
  • 8 Random Fate Cards
  • 6 Circumstance Cards for The Tribute
  • 6 Occupation Cards for The Tribute
  • 8 Horror Track Cards for The Tribute
  • 6 Circumstance Cards for Death on the Streets
  • 6 Role Cards for Death on the Streets
  • 8 Horror Track Cards for Death on the Streets
  • 6 Teenager Cards for Slaughterhouse
  • 8 Horror Track Cards for Slaughterhouse
  • 8 Horror Track Cards for Harvest