EPOCH in Portuguese

Pensamento Coletivo, a Brazilian publishing company are hard at work on a Portuguese edition of EPOCH.  They recently released a preview of one of the new pieces of art for the scenario Fever Pitch - I look forward to following their progress!

Choose Your Horror

The 16 EPOCH scenario published to date feature a wide variety of horror, ranging from the earthly to the supernatural and other-worldly.  The only thing these horrors have in common is their dedication to sealing the doom of the characters.

The forthcoming EPOCH Companion will feature some new scenarios, and before I begin twisting the arms of previous EPOCH authors and contributors, I'd like to know what kind of horror you'd like to see featured in an EPOCH scenario.  Vote in the poll below, or if the horror you want isn't listed, post a comment and describe it:

What kind of horror would you lie to see feature in an EPOCH scenario

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We Love Games Sale

The good folks at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow are having a 'We Love Games' sale, and as part of this sale you can pick up EPOCH scenario collections War Stories and Frontier of Fear at a discount price.  What better way to show you care than with a solid dose of survival horror roleplaying?

"In honor of this day of love, we're marking a whole pile of stuff down to 14% off this week, February 14-20. Maybe it's not all sweet and cuddly, but we think it'll make you warm inside anyway!"

Roleplayers Chronicle Reviews Frontier of Fear

The Roleplayers Chronicle have just posted their review of Frontier of Fear, the collection of science fiction scenarios for the EPOCH roleplaying game:
"All four of these scenarios truly capture that sci-fi horror feel. However, each one does it in a different way without feeling redundant or even similar. Yes they tend to utilize some fairly mundane sci-fi horror tropes (think movies of the sort), but they do it in a great way that is not only interesting, but open enough for the players to exploit many possible means of surviving or experiencing a heroic death..." [Read More]


Frontier of Fear Reviewed

The reviews keep rolling in!  Hot on the heels of his play-by-forum facilitation of Red Gold, Abraham Zetina has posted his video review of  EPOCH sci-fi scenario collection Frontier of Fear [Warning: This review contains spoilers of the plot.]

EPOCH Brings the Horror to Kapcon 23

Last weekend was Kapcon 23, a large roleplaying convention in Wellington, New Zealand.  EPOCH had a strong presence at the 'con offering 9 different scenarios, run by 4 different GMs. Over the course of two days 48 different characters were created, and of these 31 were eliminated, falling victim to the horror (and of course the whim of the audience).

To thank the participants several awards were given out.  These included:

Memorable Elimination Award #1: Was awarded to Damon R. playing Red Gold who revealed through flashbacks that his character was possessed by aliens, and killed himself in an attempt to infect another character and secure the aliens a fresh host body.

Memorable Elimination Award #2: Was awarded to Tony Q. playing Space Station Icarus who was torn to death by chimpanzees in an attempt to save the other characters.

The Survivor Award: Was awarded to Matt (aka Tigger) whose characters survived a collective total of 16 tension phases across several scenarios.

You can read more details in my report on Kapcon 23: Part One and Part Two

EPOCH Reviewed On The Most Unread Blog on the Internet. Ever.

Tommy Brownell, writer, blogger and RPG reviewer extraordinaire has posted his review of EPOCH on his blog 'The Most Unread Blog on the Internet. Ever.'

"Definitely not the normal fare for RPGs, EPOCH is a very different take on horror roleplaying, putting the onus very much on the Player-As-Character. That said, the Outcome and Hero/Zero mechanics ensure that the game never comes down to "I win, because I said I do". With the right group who doesn't take anything too personal, it seems like a great game to play in between breaks from other games, though groups with more tense dynamics could run into problems. It could be really great for a convention game, as the lack of personal connections among the group seem like it could actually help, rather than hinder, in this game..." [Read the full review here]

My Games Know What You Did Last Summer

Kapcon, Wellington's premiere roleplaying convention is now just around the corner. I am pleased to see that there are now 8 different EPOCH scenarios offered by 4 different GMs in a mix of war, science fiction, fantasy and contemporary settings!  The EPOCH games timetable looks like this:

Round 1: Road Trip
Round 2: Mass Destruction & Crystal Wall
Round 3: Shadows of Yesterday & Red Gold
Round 4: Home Front

Round 5: Behind the Mask of Evil
Round 6: Home Front & Silent Night

It should be a blast, plus there will be copies of EPOCH books and card decks for sale, prizes for the longest lived survivor and most memorable eliminations and the infamous EPOCH bodycount tracker (up to 54 characters will be created in EPOCH scenarios over the weekend - how many will survive, how many will defeat the horror, and how many will be eliminated?)  I hope to see you there.